Thousands of industrial tubes new, used, and otherwise including many prototypes from major companies that exist nowhere else


Hundreds of meters of all kinds. All that was state of the art in the 1960's

Test Gear

CRT Scopes and plugins galore. Many 500 series Tektronics scopes on carts all kept in a clean dry environment for over 50 years.

The only remaining operational facility of its type in the US.

After over 50 years of continuois manufacturing of glass vacuum tubes for military and industrial applications the owner of M.U. Incorporated has decided to downsize the operation and make avaliable many of the unused and no longer used equipment, materials, and electronic components in preparation of moving to newer more practical facilities. Nowhere exists a more comprehensive collection of historic electronic and vacuum tube manufacturing equipment and materials.


If you have any interest in purchasing any items or vacuum tube manufacturing equipment please contact Charles Alexanian at

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